Sewing Machine Woes!

Yes I have a sewing machine down. It is in the second repair shop in less than 3 weeks! The first shop did a cleaning and said well it has this wrong and it will cost about $500.00 to fix it. Why don’t you buy the newest model for only $7,500.00 Yes theat is the price of a used car. I said well I would rather fix it. I tried sewing with the machine and in 1 days time it was acting up again. So I decided to take it to the sewing machine repair place that rebuilt my Featherweight machine. He has it now and I am hoping it will come back fixed this time. If he says it is not fixable I will buy a new machine from him. I just do not understand the lack of customer service these days! I love that machine and I do sew almost everyday on it. But it is a well made machine and should last another 25 years. Geesh! I am waiting to hear the final verdict on the machine hopefully by the end of the day today! At least I have other machines to use. I am just about finished with the wall hanging and will start quilting another business quilt today! Stay safe! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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