Sleeping Better!

Oh so nice to be sleeping better. My cold is almost gone. A nagging occasional cough still hanging on. I think Hubby is feeling better as he went in to work today! I hope he does not over do it. We will see. I have to pick up the grandson at school today. He is doing the Legos after school program! I will have to find where I need to go to get him! I am happy he is getting some play time in. Soon it will be soccer time. When the weather warms up it will be park time to run off the extra energy he has built up during the day! I am working on my table runners booklet. I will have my daughter help me organize it for printing. But for now I have to separate the patterns into individual projects with a main how to section. Sounds simple but in reality it is not. I will get it to work. Just need to write and play some more. The new basket table runners are awesome. I also need to get a few things together for another local quilt shop so I can teach again there. So much to do so little time! I will get it all done I will! Stay warm! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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