Rain in Winter!

Okay so it is raining here in CT. Yuck! I am glad it is not all snow for my Hubby’s sake. But geesh wet cold and raw Rain! What is up with that. I am staying in and working in the Studio today! I have a few things I want to get finished and others to get started! I am working on a Wolf wall hanging for my grandson. This is a challenge. All fusible stuff and picking colors for the trees and the wolves. He wants grey the pattern shows them in tan. I will swap the colors and show him as I progress so he has some say in the selections. I also need to trim and sew the edges of the Wolf Fleece I got for him. I also need to find the pillowcase pattern for the wolf print pillowcases. He is spoiled but his Birthday is coming up. Which is why I am making all of these things for him! I have business stuff to do as well. So let it Rain I have plenty to do here! Stay warm! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting again!


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