Making Great Progress!

Yes! I am making great progress with my quilt stuff! It is great to get back in the groove of quilting! I missed it so! It is a Zen like experience. You know the one that long distance runners tell about! I get in my groove and all the world problems melt away! It is wonderful to be content as I sew! I wish everyone had something that made them feel like that! It is a most special experience. I am off to the Studio to work on a few more projects. Today I will be working on marking 2 quilts for machine quilting. I will also work om a UFO or 2! The rain is now snow here in CT love the flakes. We are getting light snow for now. I wonder if we will be getting more later. The stove is on and it is warm and cozy by the fire! Staying in and working away! Stay warm and safe! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!

Jackies great photos


One thought on “Making Great Progress!

  1. Great pic……..I am warm in Worcester, Kath and my house are without power…if it comes back on—I will travel home and relight the stove…nothing I can do, why waste gas–and it is in the 40s–so the pipes should be ok..Good luck with you projects…Meghan is at Holy Cross tomorrow, I hope the get a win.

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