Warm Days Cool Nights!

It is so nice to have warm days and cool nights again. Woohoo! Spring is coming and I can’t wait. I have been working on Tulip appilqués. So as I sew I am feeling the approach of Spring! Lovely Red and Yellow Tulips! It is nice to know we got through another Winter. Sweet Spring is just around the corner. I am also working on the Civil War fabric wall hanging. It looks so good. I am loving it. I am trying to write a few more patterns this week I hope! I continue to plod along. Steadily sewing my fingers are feeling the effects but I will not stop! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


One thought on “Warm Days Cool Nights!

  1. It is beautiful out!! Delivered macaroni salad to my brother Dan…he likes it plain…I prefer some of the crunchy stuff in it. And it is as officially spring-except for the date as it can be…Iced coffee-first of the year had today…I really wish I had the backbone to call out for tonight—but you know me and money…want to do some photos…off tomorrow…but have to head home for hair, and stove, and retrieval of summer stuff…J

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