Smells Like Spring!

Yes it does smell like Spring! Hubby is so right. It has to smell like Spring before Spring arrives. It is an earthy smell. The warm sun on your face. The birds chirping at the world. Almost can hear them say bring it on yeah Spring! I love the Spring as the Earth sheds the browns and grays for the shades of green, pink and yellow. I look at Spring, Summer and Fall with a quilters eye now! The palates are amazing and oh so different. I am heading into the Studio and working on a few things that I really need to finish. It is amazing what I am getting done now that my space is so tidy and organized! Enjoy the weather even if it isn’t Spring at your house! Just know that it is just around the corner! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


One thought on “Smells Like Spring!

  1. And the recently thawed out animal feces…yes, spring!

    I even shut off the heat at the apt…and opened the windows in the car..

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