The Sun is Out!

Oh my the Sun is shinning bright and warm. It is so grand. I am loving it! It feels great the warm Sun shinning on my body! I had a great all day quilt session yesterday with Friends Who Quilt! Show and Tell was wonderful! It is just about the best day of the month! I then picked up my grandson. He was in a great mood! We had a great afternoon. It was wonderful until the DVR died! Yep poof it was on one min. then dead the next! I contacted Dish Network. I used the computer chat to do that. I had just gotten the satellite to find the receiver when they wanted me to shut it off again. Grrr I did and guess what they said they needed to send me a new receiver. DUH! I knew that already. We have had Dish for about 12 years. I am very good with knowing how it works and how to fix it. They needed the codes to say the box is dead send a new one. Well it is on its way but until then I have no DVR and all my recorded shows are gone. Thankfully CBS runs the full shows for free on the computer. I will watch them after Guild tonight! I love technology but hate when it breaks! Well off to the Studio or to work on EQ6 projects. Have a great day! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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