Packing Day!

Yep I am almost all packed for my trip to Lancaster PA. Going to the new AQS show there. Doing a wee bit of shopping( insert evil laugh). Then coming home to grandsons 8th birthday dinner. Wow 8 years old. He is turning into one fine young person. I so enjoy being with him! I get him today after Lego class at school. I have to figure out some fabric amounts for a friend as I will be buying fabric for a big quilt project she needs to begin. I did manage to get the borders on the Civil War wall hanging. I need to mark the vine placement and finish the appliqué of the flowers on it. It is looking really good! I have a lot of business things to do when I return from my trip! Stay Safe. Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


One thought on “Packing Day!

  1. Have a wonderful time…I may run away to Camden for 2 days this weekend…like you, I need my kind of fix–photo ops, and sitting ‘on the dock of the bay’-so to speak. We shall see. Trying to get motivated to drive to NH for the overnite…I so want spring to stay, with the warmer weather. Talk later.

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