Home Again!

Thank goodness I am home! Whew what a trip I had. It was a difficult trip to Lancaster this time. I was not out of CT when my day broke down on the parkway! Hubby my valiant White Knight came charging to my rescue on his white horse(car) named by me Blanch! I took his Jeep and he was left to deal with the broken car and all that mess. It was a huge mess. I will be contacting the Subaru Corp HQ on-line to lodge my complaints of a deal that does not deserve to represent the Subaru Corporation! The car was finally towed to the leasing dealer and is in the process of being repaired. I should have the car back on Weds. I was so tired from my trip and wanted to get to bed early but the rain started and the bones were screaming. But I slept well for me last night!

The AQS Lancaster Quilt Show needs work! That being said it was okay! They need more quilts in the show and a few less vendors. They are in a quilt shop rich Mecca for the quilters and I feel they tried to keep us at the show. Downtown is quaint but still has its issues. Like NO PARKING! They do provide shuttle services from out lying parking and the area hotels! But nothing was explained or marked very well. The layout of the show was poorly done. Needs improvement. The walkways in the show were too small. The vendors in the Liberty Hall venue were not getting the foot traffic that the main floor was getting. Busing was not good until late Thursday. The food for the attendees was not acceptable to all. I will continue with more tomorrow. Needless to say AQS please fix all the issues we present and it will become a must go to site for East Coast Quilters!

I am off to put a few things away. I did not over buy this year and then get the grandson. Try to catch up on business stuff. Stay Dry and Safe! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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