Coming Soon: Marilyn's Posies on Parade

Wow the year is flying yet again! I need to start focusing on my patterns. Here is what is coming next at Quilting Under the Covers! I am writing 2 Booklets. I designed a years worth of very simple basic tablerunners. I will give easy basic instructions with changes for the different fabrics and how to for the new end blocks. These are so simple a Cavewoman could make them! I am also working on a set of appliqué wall hangings for beginners. They will progress through to a more intricate wall hanging of roses and a more challenging vase. I will convert the EQ6 pictures to post them here. I am also finishing up a few quilts and wall hangings that have been waiting ever so patiently for their coming out party. Again photos to follow. Once I have all that done. I will work on the new designs flowing in my head. A designers work is never done! I need to also work on Christmas stuff so I am ahead of the Seasons for a change. So no more sitting around it is crunch time! Stay Safe and Enjoy the Sun if it is shinning near you! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


One thought on “Quilting!

  1. Nice…and maybe some lighthouse/nautical ones down the road…I am not a cavewomen…but I can make a square object a triangle—without even knowing how that happened…reason I stopped crocheting…keep fingers crossed about next assignment…it was almost balmy out!! And I lived dangerously–drove without sunglasses to absorb all those lovely sunbeams…

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