Why do I quilt! Well I quilt because I love it! I love the feel of the fabric in my hands. I love the colors I can use in my projects. I feel peaceful and calm when sitting and sewing. It is all a progression of sorts. It soothes the beast. It fills my soul with Joy! I have been sewing since I was 10 years old. I had a tough childhood. I found a peace and comfort in sewing that kept me grounded. I made many clothes a long the way. I do not make clothes now unless I really want too. I found crafting many years ago and that was a nice way to fill my time. The family thought ok another pile of stuff to get by. I stopped crafting due to surgery on my pointer finger on my right hand. I was making dolls and bears and many stuffed items. I was no longer able to pull the thread as tight as I wanted it to be. I refound my love of quilts. I knew I was meant to be a quilter. My Mom tells me she remembers cutting Dresden Plates for her Mother and Sisters when she was around 12 years old. I guess you can say it is in my blood. I have many Dresden plates from the 30″s alas not from my Grandmother, but from other people who just passed them on to me. I will find the time to finish them into quilts. I think I can get at least 3 quilts from them. I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love to do! I loved being a Nurse most of the time. The interpersonal relationships were the hardest for me with the staff. I loved taking care of my patients and hoped that I made a difference in their lives. I do miss it at times. I am so happy now doing what I love. Now to make it all work well. I have many ideas flowing in my brain just waiting to be born. I hope if you get the chance to do what you love you will just Do It! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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