Staying Focused!

As I look at my business I see all that I need to do. I sometimes find it difficult to stay focused on my plan. So now I am meditating. It was much better today. I am more in focus because of it. I also find I need lists of the things I need to do for the day week month etc. I develop the lists and revise them as needed. This is much more productive than my picking up one project and then forgetting about the other 5 I need to work on that day! I tell my students even 15 mins a day will help you to finish a project that has been sitting around for months. I know we all have 15 mins a day. If you need to set a timer then do it. I bet that you can do an amazing amount of work in just 15 mins. I know I can. So plan about how long that project will take. Set aside the 15 mins a day. More is okay too! Then just do it! I am off to the Studio to finish 2 blocks for a challenge and then quilt on a lap top quilt I want finished by next week. I also need to sandwich a few more quilts to get them finished as well. I am gearing up for a photo shoot! More on that later! Stay dry and safe people!                 Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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