Errands Day!

I had a busy day running to the Doctors for a routine check up. ENT Doctor ugh I so hate going to him! It is necessary so I go. But if I could be anywhere else on or off this world I would be! I also had to get gas for the car. I then went to my local Subaru Dealer in CT. I wanted the license plate holders changed. Another dealer put their holders on my car when they tried to rip me off for a warranty covered repair. So off with the holders that did not belong there! Back on went the correct ones. Geesh the nerves some people have. I would not send even my worse enemy to that dealership in Milford CT. I am gonna try to write a little today. Then get some quilting in tomorrow. I need to stay on track. Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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