Finally Writing Again!

I am finally writing patterns again WooHoo! I will work on the Table Runner Booklet today! I do need to get that completed. I also need to make 3 more Flower wall hangings for that booklet. I am thinking I need to convert Nicole’s quilt pattern to booklet form as well. So I do have a few things to finish in regards to writing! The patterns do not write themselves. After writing I will play in the Studio. I have a commission for a table runner for an Aug. wedding. I need to design the table runner then have it approved. Then find the fabrics, make it, quilt it and get it finished by mid Aug. I love deadlines I work much better with them! Stay tuned for more updates. I also just found a program in March Quilting Arts Magazine for documenting your quilts! I will buy it today! More info once I play with it. So off to write while it is quiet! Have a great day! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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