Love your photos Jackie

There I was sitting at the computer writing away. I had just imported a graphic of a quilt block and was blowing in apart when the dang word program froze! Yep I was thinking all my work moving things in the Table Runner Booklet geesh! It was a lot of stuff and I was gonna lose it all. So I had dinner left it on the computer. Went back to it and finally shut the program down. I reopened it and lo and behold. Word had saved my whole work! WOOHOO!!!!!! I am one happy camper! I was not looking forward to having to re-do all that I had just done. I love my gadgets and computers I truly do! When they do not work the way I want them to I want to open the nearest window and fling them out! Good thing I have the best IT guy around. If he can’t fix it he finds someone who can. Between he and I we can do almost anything with and in computers. Now Off to write some more. Have a great Day! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


2 thoughts on “Technology!

  1. You may just have to send me AA batteries…since the recharge ones are good for 20 mins at best…wish there were a battery pack with longer life…

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