Looking Up!

Things are looking up here at Quilting Under the Covers! I am closing in on the end of the pattern writing for the table runners booklet. It is 2/3 thirds complete. Then I need to finish all the table runners going in the booklet. I need to write a bio as well as the little tips and tricks I want to add. With all the musings on each table runner . So I am working my fingers to the bone as they say to get this completed. I am trying to get it all finished by the end of May. That is my target date! Wish me luck as I will need it! I just designed a new table runner for DD as a wedding gift. We need to pick out fabrics next so I can get that started. I have to write a few more patterns for new designs. Redo a few of the patterns already written but not published. But still do all the other life things that need to get done!  Hum self employment is sometimes harder than an out of the house job! Best get to it! Have a Great Day! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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