Another Try!

Yep I am gonna try to get the cutting right! I feel good about cutting the Fallen Heros quilt today! My funked condition is gone and I will be able to concentrate. It will be cut and ready to sew today! It will be! I hate when I cut things wrong and am so glad that it does not happen often. I will use the discarded pieces in other projects. No worries on them going to waste. I do have another piece of the botched fabric so I know I will not run out of it! I have business stuff to get finished as well. I am working at the Northern Star Quilt Guild Show on Sat in Somers NY! I will see beautiful quilts and great vendors. It will be a fun day! Then hubby is going scuba diving in FL on Sun for a week. I will have to do all that he does for me esp cooking yuck! I will survive I hope the body holds up and the pain stays low so I can get things done. Enjoy a glorious day! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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