Oh My I am Melting and I am the Good Witch! What is up with this heat and weather. I am a wilted flower. I do not do the heat well add the humidity and I am done! Oh for the a/c’s wish hubby had put them in. To top off the problems we lost power here at 6am grrrrr. Was only about a half  hour but really no a/c and no fan. I could barely breathe. I am therefore tired today since the heat drags me down. Too hot to move!  The fan is on me now so it is a tiny bit better but boy do I hate this weather. At least in NV you have central air and use it as needed. Plus the dang dog has decided in this heat he wants to sleep with me in my room on the floor thankfully! But a PITA for me! So off to surf the web til pick up time! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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