When Life Happens!

Another of Jackie's photos Lake Champlain VT

When life happens the tough keep fighting! I am struggling with a BF’s life issue! I want to be there to be strong for her. I want to fix it right now and make it all better. If only wishing her well would work I would do it. I am trying to be up and positive for her. I have seen too many struggle with this. Oh if only this scourge was finally gone! Well I can only send all my Love and Energy to her. As the song Live Like you are Dying plays in my head all day long! I feel that song says it all. Fight for your life but enjoy the rest of your life for each and everyday is a gift! I love you Dear Friend and I hope you know that. Keep my updated and know I am always here for you! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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