Who Knew!

Who knew me and my 2 grown kids have a sleep disorder! Yikes! Well well my instincts are correct! I am not weird or a bad person. I am me. I guess that’s why working as a night nurse worked so well for me.So switching to days was horrible. I went to work many times sleep deprived. Geesh! I am sorry my 2 children happened to get this. My son and I have adapted our lives to our sleep patterns. My sweet daughter needs to find her own solution. I know it can drive other family members nuts. More so if they have normal circadian rhythms! I do real well on the West coast. I get up on time and function well. Maybe we need to move there JB. The Syndrome is called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome! It explains a lot. I guess being self-employed is a good thing! I know that I can get up at a normal hour but I don’t sleep much when I do. I can function but I am tired and cranky. So I try to schedule all my stuff for the afternoon. I also find that the 2pm to 7 pm time period is my most productive time and I get most of my work finished then. It is an interesting article on sleep disorders. Although I would say this is more of a society acceptance disorder! JMHO! Well I am glad to have a name to it. Off to be creative! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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