Back to Writing!

I am back to writing and working after a wonderful day with Friends Who Quilt! It was a great day with my fellow quilters! I loved it! We celebrated 8 wonderful years together! We have between 8 to 12 original members! It was a relaxing time spent with wonderful quilters. Show and tell was the best! Yummy food and good conversations! So I missed my blog yesterday. Went from quilt day to pick up the grandson. Helped with homework and had dinner. Then I fell into my chair. The rain system started to move in so the pain increased. Yuck! It is an achy kind of day today. I am in my Studio and quiet house. Mom is out with her Lady! Dog is quiet for a change! Blissful peace! I am working on hats this week. Will post a photo when I get a few finished! Stay dry! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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