Writing Directions!

Ugh! I write quilt patterns for others. That is my business. When I have to follow directions from someone else and they are not well written I get a wee bit crazy! I am making hats for my dear dear friend. It made the first one and want to pull all of my hair out as I was doing it. I realize it was a free pattern and that they wanted it on 1 paper both sides but really. I do mean REALLY! I am an experienced seamstress and quilter/crafter. I wonder how many hats are not finished do to the poorly written instructions! Perhaps they rewrote them so as not to infringe on the copywrite issues. I don’t know but now that I figured out the pattern I can make a few great hats for my friend! I have 4 scarves done. I want a few hats as they cover more. I am making the scarves 28″ so they will cover more head. Good news is no hair loss yet. It is coming and when it does she will be ready! I am off to the Studio and to make a few more hats! Hang in there kiddo! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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