Staying in Weather!

So hot outside I am staying in! I have the A/C’s on and the shades drawn. It will be a grilling night tonite. Ease and quick. Create no extra heat in the house. These are the times I wish I had a pool. Ah to dream! I just need to finish 2 more hats for Jackie. Get a new quilt design ready. Work on quilting a business quilt. Review and or rewrite 2 patterns. So much to do! Oh and I need to get the bindings on the 2 quilts I sent out to a quilter! Need to make the bindings so they are ready to go! Whew!  Stay cool! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


One thought on “Staying in Weather!

  1. And Jackie just got back from my latest lighthouse find: Portland Head light…actually in Cape Elizabeth…Meghan and Gram joined me…nice time, no probs, and we stopped for an ice cream on the way home…
    It is a good day, when I lighthouse makes itself one of my photo subjects.

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