The Joys of Living!

I for one am glad to be alive! How about you? I will accept the pain. I will live through it! I will use my cane when the world is spinning me around and around. I will sit and sew. I will read or work on the computer as my body allows. But I am alive. One Thanksgiving I was asked to say what I was thankful for. My answer was… I am Thankful to wake up with pain everyday! That brought silence at the table. I meant I am happy to wake up everyday and even be in pain. The alternative is not an option. I have a grandson to see grow up. I have many quilts to make. Patterns to write. Fabric to use and most importantly People to LOVE! So I accept my lot in this life. I know I will live to be 100 as my Aunts have done. I know I will make many beautiful quilts along the way. But the friendships and the people I love make my life full and rewarding. Thank You All for being you! I love You All! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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