Lazy Days!

Lazy Days are so fine! Don’t you just Love a Lazy Day! I know I do! It can jump-start your creativity! It can give you time to rest and reflect. I enjoy these lazy days almost as much as a full day of working! Mind you I love my work. I really do. I love to play on the computer and design quilts. I love going into my Studio and pulling the fabrics for the quilt. I love cutting the pattern from the beautiful fabrics. I love piecing the quilt on my machine. I love that my Hubby helps me sandwich my quilts. Love his long arms and perfectionism. I Love sitting at my machine and quilting the quilt! I love sewing the bindings on the quilts! So I guess I just Love what I do! I feel we all need to be doing what we Love to Do! Alas that is not always possible. I do hope you allow time for what you Love to do. It is so important because life is too short! Seize the Day! Enjoy it! Live it! Live Love and Laugh Enough

Creatively Quilting!


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