It is the day that we Remember all the Soldiers that gave their Lives for Our Freedom! Yes I remember. I look back through all my History lessons and I Remember! Each War, Every Battle, right or wrong. They died for Us! They kept their Oath to Our Nation! We must never Forget! I have a binding to put on my Fallen Heros quilt. I will be giving my 2 quilts to families that paid the price of a Loved ones Life for Our Freedom. It is a small thing for me to do. So I do it. I do not expect recognition. I do not do it for attention. I do it for the respect and compassion I have for the Families! I hope my(and my fellow quilters for the Fallen Heros) help ease the pain in some small way. So yes I Remember those who Died for my Freedom and say Thank You and Watch over us. I sing their Souls to the Heavens! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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