Smokey Air!

Went out on the motorcycle yesterday with my Hubby. It was a nice ride except for the linger whiffs of smoke in the air. The Northeast is getting the Canada wild fire smoke. So nice of them to share! It was a good ride as well until the temp dropped out. It went from a warmish low 80’s to low 70’s during the ride. Now we did have on heavy long sleeve shirts and jeans. It was fine for the warmer temp but when the temps dropped we both got cold fast! I also had an issue with low back pain near the end of the ride. Hubby noticed as my weight shifted slightly I thought! He said next time tell him to pull over. I realize now I should have done that. I was afraid I would not be able to get back in position to finish the ride home. We did 100 miles on the bike. I think I need 75 as my max for now. I do enjoy riding with him and I miss it when I can’t get out with him. We will do it again. We have Alaska Cruise excursions figured out now to book them! It is an achy rainy day hoping the smoke smell blows out of here. Gonna work on writing and reading a few more patterns today! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


3 thoughts on “Smokey Air!

  1. I have been riding with hubby since before we got married. We ride out on the country roads. I have enjoyed it for many years. Since my achy bones scream a lot I have not ridden much with him. It was a treat and I drank a glass of wine and the bones felt fine. I know a nurse on a motorcycle. If I did not believe he was such a good driver I would never be on the bike.

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