Weather Changes!

Wow when I left the house for my errands today it was Sunny out. I left the Park and Rec office and got Joanne’s it was still Sunny! I came out of the store to dark brewing storm clouds. I made it to the car before the rain. Just in the nick of time as those drops were Huge! I kept an eye on the clouds. I just did not like them. I finished my errands Drug store and the Bank. I only got wet going to the Bank. I made it home safe and sound. Nice and dry in the house. I received a phone call from my sister. Her s/o was concerned about me and made her call to check on me. Unbeknown to me we had yet another Tornado watch. Yep the clouds were in that downward spiral formation. But we survived the watch no worse for the wear. I Love that people care and take the time to check on me. Thanks for that! Binding is on the Fallen Heros Quilt. I will get the labels on tonite! Stay Safe out there! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


One thought on “Weather Changes!

  1. And you are doing the same for your friends as well. I find you amazing-will all your quilting projects & your chemo cap projects for that now stubby headed chemo receiving friend-Thanks for your friendship, thanks for your support and strength, thanks for your love. You are one amazing friend, I AM VERY LUCKY.

    Love J

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