Doggie on a Diet!

a younger skinner doggie

My poor puppy went to the Vet yesterday for an allergy type cough ???? But he received a steroid shot and all his shots except the Kennel cough shot since he maybe sick! He is on a pill for the cough and an antibiotic for the allergy! Hum never heard of that one before. Must be something new in Vet medicine. Oh well as long as it works! But poor doggie is overweight! No Duh! Could it be the extra food he gets all day long. That piece of cheese at lunch time, the leftovers from dinner, the extra dog treats. My oh my what could it be! Well I feel bad that he is OW so he and I walked today. He is all tuckered out and I am tired as well. But if it helps him we will walk when the weather lets us. I also have to walk for the upcoming trip. I figure I am in pain whether I walk or not sooo off I go! I have been busy working as I finished a Lap Size Quilt for the pattern called Nicole’s Quilt. I need to rewrite the pattern and finish binding that quilt. I also need to make a different table runner for the pattern. Now to get a few things done before I go get the grandson! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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