Vacation is coming up soon! I am so looking forward to the trip! I know it will be awesome! I love going away to a new and different place. It is exciting to see all the places so many have talked about. Or that I have only seen on TV or in movies! It is amazing and breath-taking all at once. I love all the different places I have visited so far. I even enjoy the build up to the day we depart. I try to plan a day for travel esp. when going through different time zones. That jet lag is real and can wipe me out! So I am gearing up for my trip. I hope to have everything I need to have done completed before D Day! I had a very quiet 4th until the Fireworks but thankfully the neighbors kept them to a minimum. The dog was in my hubby lap and did not settle down until the noise stopped! I hope everyone had a great day! Staying in the Coolness for the next few days! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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