How Hot is it Now!

Well lets just say it is not as hot as Las Vegas NV. Close but not quite as hot as there. Of course the locals say it is a Dry Heat okay! Hot is hot humid or dry! I am happy I took the drive to NV and learned what really Hot was. I am so looking forward to a cooler Vacation this year. I do not do the heat well. I never have. Oh I tried but no I would end up with beet red burnt skin and heat stroke. I learned at a young age to stay out of the Sun. I am so happy I did as I have almost no wrinkles hehehehe. So now I must dig out suitcases and the fleeces and warm clothes for the Big Trip. I am so excited it is coming this quick. We are counting down the days until we depart! Woohoo! I am working on some appliqué that I really needed to get finished and  a tablerunner for a gift for my dear daughter to give. I am such a good Mom! Stay cool people! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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