Glacier in Alaska

Back to a normal routine again! I am back from an amazing vacation cruise to Alaska! We saw Whales; Hump Back, Greys and Orcas!!!!! We counted 51 Eagles at the Eagle Preserve! We also saw baby brown Bear Cubs!!!!! Seal Lions and river otters swimming by our raft and ship! We saw 2 Glaciers and I just have to say WOW! They are just frozen water. but they are the most amazing frozen waters I have ever seen! We took over 300 photos and are just cleaning them up. I will post a few great ones here and in my FB photo albums. I absolutely loved the trip. What a wonderful experience it was! I am slowly getting back into day-to-day things. I wish everyday can be a wonderful as the trip. Ah I shall hold on to my memories! The weather was wonderful cool 50’s to 60’s and No Rain. First cruise of the season not to have rain we sure did luck out on that one! The Salmon  are running now so it was a great time to be in Alaska and yes I would go again! Well off to find a few things to get finished for my upcoming Trunk Show at a Local Quilt Shop! Have a great Evening! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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