A New Day!

I am so happy yesterday is done and Gone! Oh my what a day I had! I knocked over a full glass of ice water in the Studio. It soaked the cutting table that only had stencils on it. It did manage to soak the front part of the 2 shelves and the wood floor . Max the Beagle was helping by licking up the water from the floor! Now I will use the sealed tea-cup for my ice water or a closed bottle. Then I was searching for a quilt label cd when I moved my small pressing table with the travel iron on it. Boom the iron toppled off the table and hit the floor. I cracked the case so bad it is now trashed. I need a new iron. I go into the walk in closet to check the 2 file cabinets in there. Still looking for the cd by the way. Boom the batting and packages of batting fall on my head. The small plastic container missed me! The swear words flew. The dog ran as fast as he could go on the wood floor. I picked everything up. I found a new place for a few of the items. I came out of the closet. I shut off the lights in the Studio and sat very still at the computer. I worked on a couple of projects until I felt calmer. I spent a quiet night watching TV and being on the computer. Now I realize it does not sound so bad. I did not add into the foray the drooping of items the dizzy spells and the pain. I usually have quiet calm days here at Quilting Under the Covers but yesterday the Sun Spot must have wrecked havoc with me! I am hoping that it was my one really bad day for the year! I am off to finish that special project and work on stuff for the Trunk Show! Have a great day stay cool out there! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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