Back to my Blog!

  I am back to writing my blog! I have had a very busy 2 weeks. But I am back! I am working on a beginners table runner book and have 2 more table runners to finish. The design is a basic checker board pattern with different 9 inch blocks at the ends. I have added a few slightly more challenging blocks. The are mostly easy blocks to make. I based the table runners on the months of the year. It is a fun book and great for beginners. I am writing with the beginner in mind. I have had seasoned quilters loving the patterns as they work up quick and easy. Most can be made with left over fabrics. It is a great way to use scrapes! I also designed a landscape quilt using a photo from my Alaska trip! I had fun using the new EQ7 program. Hubby and my grandson new that the quilt represented the Mendenhall Glacier. I am happy that I was able to represent it so well. I have ideas brewing for lots of scrappy quilts. I will be getting into that starting this week. I think I will post one block a week for now and see how that goes. I enjoy writing my blog. I want to make it more quilting oriented then just about me! I have to figure out how to add the blocks and links. This will be so much fun! Stay safe. Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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