Snow Again Geesh!

Yes it is snowing yet again here in the Northeast! We really have no place to put all this white stuff! Honestly I really do like Winter, but really this been a Winter for the record books. I have paper work for the business to get organized. State sales tax to send out. Then I will get some quilting time. I hope everyone has enjoyed the weather so far! I am trying to. I did figure out how to post PDF’s here on my blog. Now to sit and write a few blocks and quilts to post. Stay tuned! I promise to try to get back to daily posting! I was doing so well then life happens. I love writing about my quilting life and I will get back into the groove. I have been hand quilting a top I finished years ago. I wave a wavy border that I am trying to ease into the quilting. It is a tough one. really but I know it would only work if I hand quilted it. My hubby has gotten the groove. When I started this top he looked at it and said another UFO? I said Yes! I am trying to finish projects started long ago. It is feeling pretty good to get them finished. I am also working on the Christmas Tree Skirt. I did snowpeople in Bluework. I now have about 200 snowflakes to embroider on the skirt then assemble quilt and bind it. I told Hubby it is a work in progress and I will work on it until I finish it. I did manage to get 4 stockings finished for Christmas snowpeople again multi colored but heavy on the blue work. I also did finish the RR 3 mins to midnite on Dec 31st. WooHoo! I am on a roll. Now to keep it going! Stay warm and safe. Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting! Luann


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