Life gets in the way!

Don’t you just love how Life gets in the way! I need to write here everyday. I really do! I find it helps me organize my thoughts and my day! So here is hoping I can get it all together so I can post everyday. I will make the effort to do it. I miss writing my blog. I did figure out how to post files here. I will have to write the patterns with less involved instructions. I want to design free patterns for my blog. So stay tuned. I will get them started. On a quilting note I found a UFO( unfinished object) I had made. It is 15″ blocks 9 of them with dark green sashing and dark green vine border and wreaths with 1930’s hexagon flowers and multicolored solid flower centers. Can I just say YUCK! What was I thinking. This is an old project put away and now I know why. As a designer I just knew I did not like the fabric combination. So 2 nights ago I un-sewed the hexagon flowers. I will be searching my stash for the new rose shaped applique flowers and get them on the quilt. I will add 2 borders so it will fit on my bed. I may send it out to be machine quilted or push and pull it thru my machine. I am also hand quilting my business banner. I have another 2 quilts in line for hand quilting. I finished a purple flower quilt I had to hand quilt as I had ripples in the outer border. They did work out so that was great! I am also still working on the Christmas tree skirt. Then I am machine quilting the so easy seasonal table runners for the booklet I am working on! So now you see why my blogging fell to the wayside. But I promise to work on writing everyday again. I will get photos of the works finished and in progress maybe today! Stay warm and safe. Think Spring! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting Luann


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