Mixed Emotions!

Yes mixed emotions are hitting me today. I have 2 great friends suffering through hard stuff today. I know today is a day to renew our Love for our significant others. We are pushed by the card companies the florists and the candy companies to profess our love with monetary things. I like to believe that I express my Love on a daily basis. I am here to hold the hand of my loved ones all the time. I am the ear that they turn to when they are in pain or hurting. I am the one they call when they have great news to share. I am also the one they call when they just want to talk. I also know the ones I love are always there for me. So no I do not need or require a dozen over priced red roses as a profession of love. Nor do I need $4.00 cards or candy from a company that adds so many additives I can’t pronounce. I will take caramels and cakes from the best baker around Jenny Lu’s baked goods. All natural ingredients and nut free for me! I will accept a wonderful dinner from my Hubby. He has turned out to be an excellent chef! I relish in the Love that my family and friends give me everyday. So Today I send them all greetings and salutations of my Love just not from a card company!

On a quilty note I have 3 table runners machine quilted and I am going to get all the bindings made today. Then I hope to finish the table runners 4 left for quilting. This is for a beginners booklet. I also will get my new appliqué flowers cut out today so I can work on that project. I am still working on those dang snowflakes on the Christmas Tree skirt as well as the business banner. I am making progress I am! I just need to keep on going. Have a Happy and Safe Day! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting Luann


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