Back Home!

Yes Well when my wonderful husband states you have not been writing your Blog lately, I know I need to get back here and write. I love writing my Blog. It keeps me focused and honest. I have been away from it for far to long. I was getting prepared for my trip to Ireland. Then I was away for 9 days. I am back at home and feel much better today. Yesterday I really felt the effects of jet lag! Now I am rested and adjusting back to East Coast time I am doing pretty good. I have errands to run today. I also need to walk some today. I will start sewing at night again. I really did miss sewing in Ireland. Ireland is truly a magical place. It is really green there. I was amazed with everything I saw. I meet many wonderful and friendly people on the tour as well as the locals. I had spotty wi-fi connections. I did not take my computer with me. I wish I had an Ipad with me but maybe sometime soon. I took the coach tour as driving on the wrong side of the road was not something I really wanted to do. I am so happy I picked the coach tour. I am happy I traveled to Ireland. It is a beautiful place to visit. I am off now to do my errands. Have a Happy and Healthly Day! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting! Luann


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