Oh So Busy!

Wow I thought that when I got home from my trip to Ireland I would have time to slow down! Nope! I have been on the go ever since I got back. Last Friday was a trip into the City(Manhattan NY) to view the Red and White Quilt Exhibit. One word for it Awesome! It was amazing to see all those quilts hung in such a unique way. I know we saw some really old quilts. Many service quilts that showed their wear. Some good quilts that were so nicely done. It was wonderful to be able to be there for it! It was a great day with 4 other quilters. We had laughs and good food. Thank you for including me in that special day! I spent the weekend picking out kitchen stuff for the big Reno coming up fast. I had a nice down day on Sunday. Then traveled 200 miles round trip with my daughter to deliver a Wizard of Oz sculpted cake to my son in New London CT. She was up over night finishing the cake. It was an amazing cake. I hope the cast enjoyed it. Today birthday present shopping for my grandson. I have him after school today. Then tomorrow to his house for cake and celebrating! I am so busy but so happy to be so busy! I did manage to quilt another table runner. I have to sit and finish writing a few patterns.  I am off and running now! Enjoy more photos of Ireland! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting, Luann


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