Do You Use a Quilt Pattern As Is?

Do you use a quilt pattern to make a quilt? Do you always change the original pattern when you begin planning your quilt. Do you have to make the quilt exactly like the pattern same color or even the same fabric. You maybe asking yourself why the heck does she want to know? I am a pattern writer and designer. I love seeing my quilts morphed into a new one. I have quilts that I had to make exactly like the pattern. I even used the same colors because I really loved the quilt. I also have done my fair share of morphing of quilt patterns and have made the quilt my own. Does it frighten you to make the changes? Are you happy with the morphed quilt when you are finished with it? Again I am just trying to get a feel for the types of patterns wanted by the quilters! I feel scrap quilts are making a huge come back as the price for good quality fabric is increasing with every shipment of fabric. Does it confuse you if the pattern says use 2 to 3 yards of light-colored scraps. I always think why can’t you break it down a little more. If I have scraps how the heck do I know if I have 2 to 4 yards of them. See my dilemma. As a designer I am always looking for feed back and easier ways to help the quilters in my target areas. Any input is welcomed. It is a Sunny Day here in the Northeast right now. I am heading into the Studio to work on a Baby quilt. Have a Great Day! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting Luann


2 thoughts on “Do You Use a Quilt Pattern As Is?

  1. The very first quilt I made when I really got into quilting was from a kit and followed the directions to a T. It was a paper piecing quilt and I really enjoyed it. That was the last quilt that I followed the directions from there on I did a lot of improvising on patterns and it always requires me to think extra hard and do a lot of math and sometimes things don’t work out so well, sometimes better than I thought, but I always learn more. I never even look at how much fabric is recommended I just dig through my fabric which is sorted by color and hope I have enough if I don’t I find something close or try to order what I need…never been a problem. I am currently working on a quilt where I am taking blocks from patterns that I like that remind me of nature or spring and trying to piece them together into a collage. This is working my brain, but I am really enjoying it. I also never stick to one fabric line I like to mix it up.

  2. Ferne
    Thanks for the input. I love that you can morph the quilts and blocks into a quilt just for you by you. I think that is why I love Round Robin Quilts. So many possiblities. I love digging through my stash. I think many more scrap quilts shall emerge as fabric gets so expensive.
    Happy Quilting!

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