Great Night Out!

Free Pattern on site From Bonnie Hunter

I had another great night out with my quilting buddies! We started at a local quilt shop! Always fun! We went to dinner. Nice conversation. Then we headed to the guild lecture! Bonnie Hunter the Scrap Quilt maker gave a lecture trunk show of her amazing scrap quilts! I loved seeing how she approaches the making of the quilts. Where she finds her scraps. How she puts them together! She also showed us how to find fabric in the thrift shops. I am not sure I will go that far, but this week I will start sorting pressing and cutting my scraps. I have been meaning to do this for a long time and now seems about right. I also will pull the small pieces of fabric from the stash and cut them into scraps. I love scrap quilts and will be using up some scraps as I go. It does take a little time to get it all together and to get going with the scraps. I know I can do it. I feel a strong need to get back to the roots of quilting. Don’t get me wrong I love the new fabric and a well blended quilt! I just feel that as an industry quilting has become the Big Business and I know we drive that but really how much fabric and thread etc. can we buy! I love the repro fabrics the look of something old. I really believe we can all make a few scrap quilts and still purchase fabric for current projects with just enough to ada little to the scrap bins. How do you feel about your scraps. If you throw them away stop! Find people who want them and give them away. If you want to try scrap quilting then find a few friends to swap with. That increases the variety and makes it a lot more fun. It is quilting and we should be having Fun! Have a Great Day! Live Love and Laugh Enough.

Creatively Quilting! Luann


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