Finally Back!

Well as most of you know by now my Hubby and I have been in the middle of a complete renovation of the kitchen. We took down the 2 walls. We painted. We put wood flooring down. We had wood flooring sanded and finished. We had the cabinets installed. We are now awaiting our countertops. This is as never wracking as waiting for a baby to be born! But we can see the light. It is there. Once the counters are in we will need to pick out the back splash and install it. Hubby has a few carpenter things to finish this weekend. I have some painting to do. All in all it is just about finished. So I am getting back to my quilting. finally back in the Quilt Studio. I actually will be back in there today. I need to quilt a Fallen Hero’s quilt. Due this month. I marked it last night. I am excited about getting back to work. I have so many new ideas. So here is hoping I can keep up with my daily blogs! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting Luann


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