This is another amazing photo from JackieOkay the second post to my blog in 2 days. I guess I am on a roll. I am watching and listening to all the stories of 9/11. I am not sure this anniversary should be touted as much as the Media is touting it. I remember it all to well. As does every American and dare I say anyone on the planet or from space remembers that day! Why? Why must we rehash feelings and emotions. Why must we suffer through tough memories? Why must the Media play it out for more on air time? WHY? I remember. I know all my family, friends, and even people I don’t know remember. I have no doubts we are still a target. I have no doubt that major terrorists attacks will happen again world-wide. The USA is a Prime target. I worry but I will not stop living my life. If I allow my worries to take over I will be doing exactly what the terrorists want. They want to cause fear and paralyze us. I will not allow that to happen to me. I will remember all souls lost 10 years ago. I doubt anyone can forget. I will go on and that will be my way of saying bring it on. We as a nation, as a people and a world will go on. Remember the souls lost on 9/11. But also remember we can and will go in. Our Spirit is much stronger than anything that will be thrown at us. Live Love and Laugh Enough!



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