I am up real early  ( for me) this morning. I am waiting to see if the countertop installers come today! Yes I have no clue if they are coming. I am ready just in case they do show up. I never received a confirmation call last night. I so want my countertops and sinks installed. Geesh it is just like waiting for a baby to be born. it will happen in its own good time. So foggy head I sit and wait. I real dislike getting up early in the morning. Ah well I was able to unpack another plastic bin! It real feels good to have my stuff come back into the house. We will get more out of the storage unit on the weekend. I quilted some more on the Fallen Hero’s quilt yesterday I hope to finish the quilting today. I  am making progress on the comfort quilt. I have been working on a hand applique project at night. It does feel great to be back to quilting and my hand work now that I am not completely exhausted. I am off to surf the web as I wait. Have a Great Day! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting and Waiting  Luann


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