Down to the Wire!

First let me just say the World lost a visionary when Mr. Jobs was called to the Heavens! I will sing his soul to the Heavens.

The renovation is nearly complete. I have a few things to finish like the Backsplash! Who knew that it would be this hard to pick out tile! We will be heading to the store tomorrow to get our basksplash. Then finish up the kitchen reno. I now must concentrate on finishing the stairs and front hall. I have touch up painting to do as well. There is also the storage bin. We need to get all the tag sale or for sale stuff all together. So we will have a very busy 3 day weekend!

I am also trying to get my business stuff back on track. I will be starting to promote my business more. Here is hoping I can make it work! I enjoy designing my quilts and writing the patterns. I need to get them out into the public venues. Off to the Studio to get a few things accomplished today! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting! Luann


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