Writing Again

I am writing a few lessons to post in the yahoo group Steppen. I is an EQ7 group. I will also write a few lessons for layouts and how to morph layouts for the layout Libraries. It is nice to be actively writing again. I have missed it. I have even considered stopping the business completely. I have not taught at all for a year! I miss it. But right now life has managed to get in the way. I am primary care giver for her. She is a handful. She really needs around the clock care now. Though if you asked her she is just fine. She thinks she can do it all by herself! Not! Ahh but then I sit down and create, it all melts away! I will try to continue my business and see where it leads me! Off to do some writing. Here are a few Custom set quilts designed in EQ!  Have a great Day. Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann

 Mendenhall+Glacier+Juneau+Alaska   Reflections of My Youthw

Star Night Eagle

Star Night Eagle


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