Working on UFO’s

I am slowly working on UFO’s. So much fun! I am currently working on one I wish I never started! It will be a sofa protector. It is made from fabric I used for doll dresses when I was crafting. Calico etc. I am not liking the fabric nor do I like the pattern. Go figure. I will get it finished. I will quilt it on my sapphire and use it daily. It is just getting it finished. I have several UFO’s in various states waiting for me. It is my goal this year to get them finished. I also want to finish the quilt tops hanging out wanting to be quilts. I also have several new projects I want to work on! So much fabric so little time! All this while I care for my Mom. Today has started with a bang! Life is a challenge that is for sure. Live Love and Laugh Enough! Have a Great Day! Luann Here are a few quilts designed in EQ!

Outside the boxweb Mary's quilt web


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