Time in the Quilt Studio

It is Spring in Ireland!

It is Spring in Ireland!

Yes I am finally spending time in the quilt studio! It really is nice to be back designing and quilting again. I have so much to do! A little at a time and it will get done. Well that’s what I keep telling myself! I am working on an Auction quilt. The Northern Star Quilters Guild Show is the first weekend in May. It is a wonderful show! Many amazing quilts will be hanging there. Part of the show is a quilt auction and I am making a quilt for it. I hope people like it and bid it up. If not then I will bid on it myself and purchase it! It is an applique quilt colors are light blue, gold and dark medium blue. I like it! I also trimmed a hand embroidery piece I just finished. I need to put the borders on sandwich and quilt it, as well as 3 other embroidery pieces. Then sandwich and quilt the auction piece. It is nice finishing projects. Oh I also have started to write my lesson plan for EQ7 Beginners class I am teaching in Manhattan. I hope I can find more places to teach as I really miss it.  That’s all for now! Stay Safe! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann


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