Busy Beaver!

Tulips Web2

Not much sewing or quilting going on here! Why you may ask? I am the behind the scenes data inputer for my Guild Quilt Show! Yep I input all the info to a database. I also resize photos. Correct spelling and other small mistakes. I am in the last week of the registrations! It is crunch time! I am typing away everyday!


On a quilty note. I will try to do some hand applique tonight. I may even get some hand embroidery done on the Girls Day Out Quilt. See photo above. I have been working on it for a while now. I also need to get that sandwiching done. I am hoping I will find time soon. I have so much to do. It will all fall into place real soon. I am planning on adding EQ lessons here. I will be posting some free patterns as well. That is when I am less pressed on time! Have a fun Day! Do what you love to do! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann



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