On the Mend



Yes I am on the mend from my knee surgery last Friday! Hubby is back to work! Thank Goodness! I so appreciate his tender loving care. He is such a good caregiver! But it was time for him to get back to work! I will have my grandson here soon for 3 days to help take the dog out! I still do not trust going down the stairs and into the woods with my Beagle Max. I finished reading ties that bind by Marie Bostwick while recuperating  When I finish the book on my kindle I will order her latest book. I enjoy her writing and since I live in CT and know the town she is writing about I really enjoy it. I have that embroidery project I need to finish for my guilds next year’s quilt show. I will have to assemble it and then quilt it! I best get moving on that one. I truly love hand embroider. I laugh when a sewing machine salesperson tries to sell me a machine for embroidery! I have been hand embroidering since I was 10 years old. I am not about to change now! When I finish quilting the ones I have here I will post photos. I am posting the Christmas Tree skirt. I used several different commercial patterns to make the skirt. I really love how it came out! Well I best get the leg up before it swells again. Have a great day! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Happy Quilting! Luann


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